Slimspec* is an Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy (ARWT) aesthetic system for cellulite & body firming treatments. Slimspec treatments can be performed on the cellulite affected areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs or buttocks.


How does Slimspec Work?

The treatment generates an instant reaction of a butterfly-like effect. The body responds to the acoustic radial wave by increasing metabolic activity in the treated area. The acoustic radial waves reduce the tissue oedema which is one of the initial phenomena of the cellulite. Reduction of oedema reduces puffiness of the skin. The tissue becomes more permeable so the fluids and the toxins retained within the fat cells are being released and drained by the lymphatic system.  



The Slimspec treatments are comfortable and relaxing, with each treatment lasting approximately 20 minutes. The recommended protocol is twice a week for 6 weeks and one maintenance treatment each 3 months thereafter. Once the treatment is over, the patient can return to normal activities without delay.









* The Slimspec is Class I device indicated for the temporary reeducation of cellulite.

* All patients may not experience every benefits mentioned in this brochure.

* Results may vary. Only your doctor can diagnose and treat a medical condition.


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